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How Things Work Around Here:

If this is your first visit to you may be trying to figure out exactly what we are and how it works. We are the world’s largest all golf “shopping portal!” We’ve teamed up with the largest golf manufacturers and retailers to combine the inventory of over 20 golf stores in one giant Golf Superstore! Find the best selection with us, then in one click make your purchase from a retailer you’ve trusted for years!

SHORTLIST: While shopping our site you’ll find tons of products to choose from. When you click the “Add to Shortlist” blue button you can save as many products as you’d like to your shortlist. The blue bar on the right side of your screen will show the number of items in your shortlist as you add them. Click on the blue bar and they are all there at your fingertips. There is no need to register to save items to your shortlist. When you leave our site the shortlist is lost. To save items so they will be there the next time you return to our site we also have a “Wishlist”.

WISHLIST: Not ready to buy today? No problem! When you click the orange “Add to Wishlist” button a pop up will appear for you to register or login if you have already registered. Now you can add any product to your Wishlist and it will be there the next time you visit our store. We do not store you information nor can we see your Wishlist items. No spam ever!

STORE CATEGORIES: Down the left side of every page you will see our store categories. Click on any category, say “golf bags” and all our golf bags will be displayed. This will also open all the sub-categories directly under the category you just clicked. In the case of “Golf Bags” you will the sub-categories “Stand Bags”, “Cart Bags”, and “Travel Bags”. Click on any of those and even more refined results display under a new sub-sub category! This is usually the best way to find what you are looking for. Use the “Filter by” widgets to narrow your search further!

SEARCH BAR: This is pretty self explanatory. Type in what you are looking for and the results will display on the page. Here again you can use the “Filter by” widgets to quickly narrow your search.

CHECKOUT: After you have found the perfect item you can click on any of the red “Buy Now” buttons to be taken to the retailer to purchase your item. You are purchasing directly from the retailer’s site and all the return policies and warranty’s from that retailers will be included when you order! You find it through our store then buy it from the retailer you’ve known and trusted for years.

CHECKING OUT FROM MULTIPLE RETAILERS: Checking out from more than one retailer simultaneously is not possible. If you want to purchase one item from “Retailers A” and one from “Retailers B” you would have to checkout once from each store. You can however find the product you are looking for, then find other smaller items you may be looking for once you are redirected to the retailers site!

RETURNS AND WARRANTIES: All returns and warranties are handled by the retailer after you purchase. Most of our retailer’s have great return policies that you can find on their website. Remember, once you are redirected to a retailers site you enjoy the same warranties and return policies as if you started right from the retailer’s site.

SAFETY: Remember, we are really a golf products search engine and NOT where you check out. You are always purchasing directly from your favorite retailers secure website and we are only providing a service where you can search all of theĀ  inventory and prices before you click a red “buy now” button and are redirected there. So using our site is always 100% safe.(We do not have access to any of your credit card, passwords, shipping address or ANY other order information you may provide during your purchases. We don’t even have knowledge of what products you may save in your Wishlist or Shortlists while on our site. Even your login information for your Wishlist can not be seen by us.)

E-MAIL SIGN UP: As of right now we don’t have an e-mail sign up. We are kicking around the idea so one day you may see one. Once we do it would be for the purpose of sending an occasional e-mail with things like special coupons and Flash Sales etc. We despise spammers! We will never spam our valued customers!




To close this container click blue Shortlist button again.

Hint: You can add products to your "Shortlist" to save while you shop our site. No need to sign in.
You can save products to your "Wishlist" by logging in.

The difference is the Wishlist will save the products for you even after you leave our site, while the Shortlist only temporarily saves them for this one visit. Got it?