Doublewall Driver

Doublewall Driver The Doublewall clubs feature a classic low-profile head design, borrowing its look from the very styles that made the game what it is today. The driver is a refined, technologically advanced, high performance titanium driver. It features a 400cc classic "pear" shape head design with a retro-classic groove pattern from the persimmon days. How can a 400cc head be as forgiving and long as a 460cc? By adding a second wall 8mm behind the titanium face and condensing the volume, the head has better structural integrity and allows the entire face of the club to respond in a way that provides multiple hot spots. The traditional sweet-spot is no longer just in the middle of the face, we have created a the whole club face to feel and react like a driver hit right on the "screws". Here is more information regarding the testing of the Doublewall technology. BioMechanica, an expert biomechanical engineering firm that provides counsel to the USGA and builds the golf club testing cannons that are standard in the golf industry, was hired to test the Doublewall technology. The test results are amazing. BioMechanica found that the hitting the Doublewall off-center (like most of us do) will only decrease your performance by 2.9%. That's 18% better than the nearest competing club for off-center hits! Click the links to discover more about Pinemeadow's exclusive Doublewall technology and how we created the biggest sweet spot in golf. This club is available in custom lengths and flexes. Click for more info.

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