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Wilson FYbrid RS Fairway Utility – Womens

Wilson FYbrid RS Fairway Utility - Womens Wilson Fybrid RS - Womens FYbrid; it's "fairway" and "hybrid" combined.This clever line of fairway utilities fuses fairway woods and hybrids into a single family, allowing golfers to build proper distance gapping into their game. FYbrids offer simple club selection with 1-to-1 replacement hybrids, with easy-to-hit fairway woods bridged by a unique multi-purpose FY 19.5 degree club. FYbrid Technology is a fusion of a fairway wood and a hybrid. The FYbrid club is a 41" length and a 19.5 deg lofted club to make it easier to hit than a fairway wood and it hits longer than an averagehybrid. It isa perfect fusion of the two Features: Wilson Fybrid RS - Womens * RS "Rocker Sole" * The face has a rounded sole profile that helps to create even symmetry at address to helping to identify the ideal impact area. * By removing material near the tow and hosel, FYbrid allows supreme flexibility in a variety of lies and minimal turf interaction on uneven surfaces. * Low and Deep Center of Gravity * The deeper head and flat crown inspire greater confidence at address and bring the center of gravity further and lower back for a higher launch angle, making it easier to get the ball airborne quicker. * Dual rail sole promotes cleaner turf interaction and moves the CG lower and deeper in the head providing cleaner contact and stronger ball flight. * Three-Zone Face Technology * Proprietary variable face thickness increases the high CT area of the club head in the heel and toe, optimizing the sweet spot for greater accuracy. Specifications: Wilson Fybrid RS - Womens Player Category All Hand RH Flex Options Ladies Flex Player Women Grip Wilson Staff Stock Grip Shaft Options UST Mamiya Proforce VTS Shafts Specifications: Wilson Fybrid RS - Womens Club Loft Left Handed Swing Weight Length Mens 3W 15.0 Y D2 43.0" 5W 18.0 Y D2 42.0" FY 19.5 Y D2 41.0" 3H 21.0 Y D2 40.0" 4H 24.0 Y D2 39.5" 5H 27.0 Y D2 39.0" 6H 30.0 Y D2 38.5" Shaft: UST Mamiya Proforce VTS

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