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    TaylorMade Men's R15 Driver

    TaylorMade Men's R15 Driver

    TaylorMade R15 Driver Features: Center of Gravity (CG) lower and more forward to promote higher launch and lower spin New Front Track system performs like a Speed Pocket, reduces spin and increases size of sweet spot New sliding split weights: heel for draw, toe for fade, split for maximum stability (12.5g each / 25g total) 4? loft sleeve for greater loft adjustability and opportunity to dial in your launch conditions Beautifully sculpted pear shape with larger footprint and new satin white finish (also available in black) New Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution shaft, Lamkin UTx grip Employs proven TaylorMade metalwood technologies that have been newly optimized (ICT, Thick Thin,moveable weight, loft sleeve)

    Titleist 915 D3 Driver

    Titleist 915 D3 Driver

    Titleist 915D3 Driver Workable and forgiving, the Titleist 915D3 Driver delivers distance with trajectory control. The 440cc deep-face pear profile provides confidence to manage your trajectory, so the 915D3 produces a lower flight and less spin versus the 915D2. Active Recoil Channel: The wide sole channel delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin. Clubs without ARC technology have a rigid sole and deflect more in the crown at impact, leading to higher spin. ARC technology creates active deflection in the crown and sole at impact which produces more speed and less spin. Radial Speed Face: The high-velocity face insert with a thick center and radially thin perimeter in the heel and toe delivers more distance on off-center hits. High MOI Design: Reduced thickness up front allows weight to be strategically placed in the back, resulting in a low and deep center of gravity (CG) that provides ball velocity while preserving forgiveness. SureFit Tour Hosel: 16 unique loft and lie combinations deliver the most precise fit available. Player Benefits: LONGER DISTANCE through low spin and high velocity from the Active Recoil Channel HIGHER SPEED on off-center hits from the Radial Speed Face LOWER SPIN across the face improves distance and direction on off-center hits EXCEPTIONAL FORGIVENESS from the stable, low CG, high moment-of-inertia (MOI) design PRECISION FIT through the industry-leading SureFit Tour Hosel technology PREMIUM SHAFT provides high performance to maximize your velocity and timing SOLID FEEL and sound from the higher standard of acoustic engineering GREAT LOOKS from the pear profile and rich appearance Additional Features: Head size: 440cc Standard lie: 58.5 deg Standard length: 45 in.

    Bat-Caddy X4 Sport Electric Push Cart w/ Free Accessory Kit

    Bat-Caddy X4 Sport Electric Push Cart w/ Free Accessory Kit

    Bat-Caddy X4 Sport Electric Push Cart w/ Free Accessory Kit The Bat-Caddy X4 Sport is available with the following options... 22Ah SLA Battery, 26Ah SLA Battery, 34Ah SLA Battery or Lithium Ion Battery Please select your desired configuration when adding this caddy to you cart. The 2013 Bat-Caddy X4 Sport™ is our latest and one of the most innovative and unique manually controlled caddies on the market. Like its remote controlled brother the X4R, it features an amazingly lightweight high tech aluminum frame weighing in at only 18 lbs (8kg). It has an easy two step, two click set up design folding into a package that is smaller than most regular push carts. It is propelled by a powerful 200W motor with the option of 3 powerful, long-lasting sealed lead acid or even the latest super light, compact and environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery. The trolley is being operated manually with a seamless rheostat and cruise control and can be easily pushed even without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course. Bat-Caddy® electronic golf cart products are highly innovative and manufactured to the highest ISO 9000 quality standards. Based on our track record Bat-Caddy caddies are the highest performance and most competitive carts in the global market for motorized golf push trolleys and represent what really counts in this market: A Great Balance between Functionality, Performance, Practicality, Quality and Value! Bat Caddy X4 Sport Model Features at a Glance High Tech Aluminum Alloy Frame and Stainless Steel Components - Extreme light weight, tough, European inspired, minimalistic design. Durable and strong components are the key ingredient for a high quality caddy and a lasting positive experience. Bat-Caddy uses only high grade aluminum and stainless steel for its key components, such as the frame, gear boxes, motor housings and axles. Beware of anything plastic in these areas! Also the bag supports are aluminum and come equipped with stylish bungee cords for a better bag fit. Powerful, Quiet, Fast Motor - The X4 Sport features a powerful 200 Watt, very quiet DC electric motor. Also the caddy will master any hill (30+ degrees climbing ability) and reaches a top speed of 5-6 mph. Easy to use Multi-Function manual rheostat handle control, On/Off buttons, cruise control functions and a Power and Battery Charge Indicator integrated into a new small handle design, so you are in complete control of ALL Caddy Functions ALL the Time! Off- Power Freewheeling Mode Feature - The caddy can be accelerated and slowed down via the handle rheostat control manually. In Off-Power mode it is completely free wheeling, so even if you ever run out of battery power you can push the X4 Sport just like a manual push cart!! Many caddies don't have this capability and you will be stuck on the course if you lose power! Lightweight and Efficient Battery Options - The X4 Sport can be run on four different batteries. We now offer a 22Ah (standard), 26Ah and 34Ah sealed lead acid battery (SLA), as well as the latest lithium-ion battery which weighs only 6 lbs, is a 3rd of the size and has a cycle life of 300+ charges. It's more expensive, but if weight is an issue, this is a great option, and it also lasts at least twice as long. All batteries are sufficient for a minimum of 27 Holes on a full charge! Large Diameter Rear Drive Wheels with Magnesium Look Rims for easy maneuverability, smoother ride and superior traction - Smooth turning, great traction on wet inclines and NEVER left out on the course with a flat tire! The X4 Sport rear wheels have been designed with a larger diameter (11.5") and come with a strengthened concave rubber tread (3/4") which minimizes vibrations and improves turning and abrasion resistance on rough surfaces. Wheels are easily removed via a quick release mechanism for storage or cleaning. Seamless Speed Control Engages wheels slowly- The Bat-Caddy won’t “jump” or get away. This is an important feature since many "cheap" caddies don't allow you to operate them in a continuous smooth mode via the seamless rheostat control. Cruise Control Function: Allows you to stop and restart the caddy with a press of a button on the handle, so you don't have to adjust the velocity after every stop New adjustable handle design offers seamless adjustment from 33-45" in height for various body types and preferences. Tracking Adjustment - In order to optimize tracking, the X4 Sport comes with a front wheel tracking mechanism. Easy One Piece Two-Click Fold Design - collapses into one piece (not three like others) in seconds to fit in any vehicle trunk - No engineering degree required!! Folded caddy is only a 33"x20"x10" package and will fit into the trunk of even the smallest sports car! High quality and innovative accessories, such as scorecard holder, umbrella holder, beverage holder, carrying bag or rain cover can complement the X4R Sport package. The scorecard holder is usually automatically included in caddy purchase and during our numerous promotional periods we offer other accessories for free. Check out SPECIAL OFFERS! FREE ACCESSORY KIT! Full One Year Factory Warranty on Caddy Parts and Labor! Features: Bat Caddy X4 Sport * Speed Control: Seamless Handle Rheostat Control, On/Off Switch, Cruise Control, Battery Charge Indicator * Motor: Power: 1 x 200 Watt, 12 V DC Electric * Drive Train: Rear Wheel Drive (17:1 ratio), Free Wheeling when off power * Battery: Power: 12V, 22-34Ah Sealed Lead Acid or Lithium Ion, Dimensions: depending on battery, Weight: 22Ah 12 Lbs/26 Ah 22Lbs; 34 Ah 25 Lbs; Li-Io 6 Lbs, Average Charge Time: 4-6 Hours, Lifetime: ca. SLA ca. 150 charges* / Li-Io 300+ charges * Charger: Input: 110-240V AC, Output: 12V/3A-4A DC Trickle Charger * Weight: Net Weight Caddy: 18 Lbs (8kg), Net Weight Battery: 6 Lbs Li-Io (2.5 kg) - 25 Lbs 34Ah SLA (11 kg), Total Net Weight: 18 Lbs + Battery * Speed: 5.5 m/h (9.0 km/h) * Distance/Range: 13 m/27+ Holes/6-8 Hours * Dimensions Unfolded: Length: 42-50" (adjustable handle), Width: 20", Height: 35-45" (adjustable handle) * Dimensions Folded : Length: 33", Width: 20", Height: 10" * Rear Wheels: Airless, rubberized thread, Quick Release Mechanism, Diameter: 11.5" * Front Wheel: Airless, rubberized tread, Tracking Adjustment * Materials: Frame: Aluminum & Stainless Steel, Bag Support: Aluminum * Colors: Oxidized Silver * Complientary Accessories: Scorecard Holder

    The Golf Father T-shirt (dark color shirts)

    The Golf Father T-shirt (dark color shirts)

    Very cool golf shirt for the greatest Dad's out there who love their kids and the game of golf! Makes a great Father's Day or Birthday gift! "Never go against the family". ;0) All Zazzle products are available in many different colors and styles. This is white on black. All dark color shirts are the same price, white and light color versions are less expensive. (currently $17.95)

    Stewie Head Cover

    Stewie Head Cover
    $29.99 $19.95

    Winning Edge exclusively distributes official headcovers for charismatic PGA Tour stars (and fan favorites) John Daly and Fuzzy Zoeller. The ?Team Lion? headcovers were designed for John Daly, and the "Cool Duck with shades" was designed for Fuzzy. Recent

    Odyssey White Ice Progressive D.A.R.T Putters

    Odyssey White Ice Progressive D.A.R.T Putters

    Odyssey White Ice Progressive D.A.R.T Putters This cutting edge putter features the latest in advanced alignment technology. Along with perimeter weighting and a double-bend shaft the innovative mallet uses D.A.R.T. alignment technology to ensure better accuracy and promote consistent strikes for increased distance control. The White Ice Insert is our most popular best feeling multi-layer insert. Developed after extensive feedback from players on Tour our engineers have enhanced its sound responsiveness and consistency. Coupled with a Dark Nickel finish for a premium look White Ice D.A.R.T. Putters provide Tour-level performance with Tour-inspired feel. Direction and Realignment Technology A 2-step process in which your eyes align the putter to the target and then can realign using the point at which the D.A.R.T. design merges with the center of the golf ball. This ensures better alignment on the target line and also promotes consistent strikes on the center of the f



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